Empowering Youth in Society: Volunteer Mentorship Program and Events

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The Lithuanian College of Democracy recently hosted events as part of the “Empowering Youth in Society (EYIS) project. This initiative is in collaboration with the European Citizenship Action Service (ECAS) and co-funded by the European Union.

Our recent initiative to boost civic engagement and volunteerism has seen remarkable success, marked by the organization of two pivotal events and the launch of a comprehensive mentorship program. These efforts were aimed at not only enhancing the skills and understanding of volunteers but also at maintaining their motivation and dedication to civic causes.

Our first event, on 17th October, attended by over 20 individuals, focused on the multifaceted benefits of volunteering. This gathering served as a platform to highlight how volunteering contributes to personal growth, community impact, and societal betterment. The enthusiastic participation reflected a strong community interest in volunteerism and helped to increase awareness and appreciation for the transformative role of volunteering in personal and community development.

The second event, on 23th October which also saw attendance of more than 20 individuals, delved into the complexities of planning, data analysis, and result presentation in volunteer projects. We incorporated ‘Project CITIZEN’ from the US Education and Training Center, a practical approach to understanding and influencing government systems. Participants engaged in collaborative research on community issues, developing policy-based solutions. The event culminated in showcases where students presented their findings and policy proposals to their classmates and the wider community. These activities were crucial in sustaining volunteer engagement and disseminating effective practices in civic participation.

In parallel, we conducted workshops focused on developing skills in civic engagement, human rights, and decision-making processes. The workshops were designed to be interactive, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application. The objective was to equip volunteers with the necessary tools and understanding to effectively contribute to civic causes and make informed decisions.

The combination of our specially designed events, interactive workshops, and the mentorship program has significantly contributed to enhancing the skills, motivation, and effectiveness of volunteers in civic engagement. Through practical learning methodologies like ‘Project CITIZEN’ and the direct involvement of seasoned activists in mentorship, we have successfully created a dynamic and impactful platform for volunteer development. This comprehensive approach not only equips volunteers with the necessary skills but also inspires a sustained commitment to making meaningful contributions to society.