Family engagement and empowerment services development in the day centers

Project title: Family engagement and empowerment services development at the day care center “Navininkai”.

Project number: Nr. EEE-LT-05-SADM-01-K-01-89.

Project duration: 18th November 2014 – 30th April 2017.

Project partners: Child temporary care home ‘Atsigręžk į vaikus’, Vilniaus Jono Ivaškevičiaus Youth school, BOenheten AS (Norway).

Project aim: Implement effective and qualified tools for Lithuanian risk group children and their families’ well-being.

Project tasks:

  • By equipping day care center “Navininkai” (hereinafter – Navininkai) with required and needed tools, create an appropriate environment at Navininkai, which suits the needs of the children from risk groups.
  • Organize trainings for risk group children and their family members, aiming to create new help services for comprehensive family empowerment.
  • Develop family empowerment services, spreading the information regarding these services possibilities and encouraging inter-institutional cooperation between institutions that work for children’s well-being.

During the project undertaken activities:

  • Creation of infrastructure and modernization (Navininkai simple repairs)
  • Services development (delivering social services for risk group children and their family members)
  • Acquiring activity tools (activity tools, which will allow Navininkai ensure the needs of risk group children)
  • Inter-institutional cooperation development.

Project is financed by Norwaygrants financial mechanism








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