Youth Voice: Empowering Positive Change (Youth4Change)


Project name: Youth Voice: Empowering Positive Change (Youth4Change). Project number: 2021-2-LT01-KA210-SCH-000049552.

Duration: 01/03/2022 – 01/03/2024(24 months) 

The objective: to empower children and youth to take participate at the political level by reflecting their needs, creating an innovative tool of open dialogue with decision-makers, and stimulating democracy andinclusive democratic participation.

The project’s outcomes are the following: the guide of best practice, the study of youthempowerment in politics, policy paper.

The project is developed by the Lithuanian College of Democracy in association with Europe’s Peoples’ Forum.

Europe’s Peoples’ Forum and its national partners form a center of excellence for the development of participatory designs and implementation. They work both with the EU and the Conference on the Future of Europe as well as with the national and regional authorities on the preparation and implementation of participatory processes and deliberative dialogues. The EPF is currently preparing new bids for Horizon 2022 on democracy and with a particular focus on citizens engagement, civil society and media’s role in democratic debates. The EPF has actively advised the European parliament in preparation of its now agreed resolution on Citizen’s Dialogue and Citizen’s Participation in the EU Decision-Making. The Europe’s People’s Forum has partner organisations In each of the 27 countries the partner organisations that can summarise the debates.

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The results of the project are presented in a scientific publication.