European Dystopia

The Lithuania College of Democracy is set to take part in the ‘European Elections Dystopia’ project, orchestrated by ECAS. This initiative involves a crowdsourcing endeavor across all 27 Member States, encouraging EU citizens to engage in discussions centered around the concept of a ‘European Elections Dystopia’.

The primary objective of the European Elections Dystopia project is to tackle the challenges facing representative democracy by involving EU citizens through innovative and participatory approaches. The overarching aim is to facilitate collective contemplation among citizens throughout Europe, seeking to preempt potentially perilous democratic scenarios that could emerge from the European Parliament Elections scheduled for 2024.

The outcomes of the Crowdsourcing process will culminate in a comprehensive report containing recommendations for enhancing both the European Parliament Elections and the broader European Parliament framework. These recommendations will be submitted to the EU Institutions, as well as current and aspiring Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), well in advance of the 2024 European Elections.