Round Table Discussion: ‘Culture of Inclusive Education’ – A Step Towards More Active Youth Inclusion

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On December 6 this year, a significant event took place at the Education Academy of Vytautas Magnus University, bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives to the process of youth inclusion. The round table discussion “Culture of Inclusive Education” united education experts, teachers, students, and other interested parties for a joint discussion on youth education and inclusion in community activities.

The event was organized by Vytautas Magnus University in collaboration with representatives of the “Empowering Youth in Society” (EYIS) project. Funded by the European Union, this project aims to strengthen youth participation and their voice in society.

During the discussion, participants shared thoughts and experiences on the importance of creating an inclusive educational environment that supports the activity and participation of young people in community activities. LDUK director E. Celiešienė emphasized that young people need to be seen and heard, and their opinion is an important factor in solving societal problems.

The “Empowering Youth in Society” (EYIS) project focuses on the importance of youth inclusion and participation. It not only encourages young people to participate in decision-making processes but also offers various mentorship programs and trainings that help young people develop necessary skills.

After the discussion, the project organizers emphasized that this is just one of many steps forward in creating a conscious and responsible society. There are plans for further activities, involving more young people in community life.

More information about EYIS can be found here.