EYIS project: Unveiling the Essence of Volunteering and its Activities

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On November 14th of this year, the Lithuanian College of Democracy (LDUK), under the project “Empowerment of Youth in Society” (EYIS), hosted a virtual event focusing on the significance of volunteering and its various activities. The event was tailored for members of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with the aim of deepening their understanding of volunteering and recognizing its manifold benefits.

The primary objective of the event was to augment participants’ knowledge and skills essential for effectively advocating NGO volunteering strategies, which form a crucial component of the Lithuanian College of Democracy mission.

The speaker for the event was Milda Lukoševičiūtė, a seasoned expert in the field of volunteering. She emphasized one of the fundamental aspects of successful volunteering – seamless internal communication and strong connections with volunteers. M. Lukoševičiūtė underscored that this is an indispensable element for the success of any volunteering project, enabling organizations to work closely with volunteers, align goals, and position volunteering as a valuable societal contribution.

Beyond providing participants with valuable insights, the event fostered collaboration among organizations – a key element for the prosperous execution of voluntary initiatives that have significantly contributed to the development of diverse sectors in Lithuania. The occasion highlighted the pivotal role of volunteering in societal growth and collaboration, emphasizing these as integral components for promoting the core values of the European Union.

The “Empowering Youth in Society” project operates within the broader framework of the European Citizenship Accelerator (EURECA 2023) program. In collaboration with the European Citizen Action Service and funded by the European Union, the project aims to fortify civil society in Lithuania through the implementation of voluntary mentoring programs, training initiatives, and networking events. Further details about the project can be found here.