“European Dystopia”: Teaming Up for a Better Future with Lithuania College of Democracy and European Citizen Action Service

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The Lithuania College of Democracy is participating in the European Citizen Action Service’s project called “European Dystopia.” This project aims to improve the 2024 European Parliament elections by involving people in the process.

The idea is to gather citizens and talk about what they don’t want to happen in the elections and what they are scared of. Then, they work together to figure out ways to stop those bad things from happening.

The project uses short and fun workshops where people can use their imagination to think about the elections. Many different groups from Europe will join in, so lots of different ideas will be shared. Together, they will talk about what worries them, and they will come up with ways to make things better.

In a time where it’s important to think in new and creative ways for democracy, the “European Dystopia” project is all about taking action. It encourages people to imagine and create the kind of elections they want. This teamwork between the Lithuania College of Democracy and the European Citizen Action Service shows that when people work together, they can make a big difference. As the project gets more popular, it could even change the way the 2024 EP elections happen, making Europe’s democracy stronger.

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