ERASMUS+ Project DI4ALL: Promoting Digital Inclusion and Innovation in Education at a Workshop in Norway

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The ERASMUS+ Project DI4ALL (Digital Inclusion for all) is an ongoing collaborative effort between the Lithuanian College of Democracy and Ossiannilsson Quality in Open Online Learning (QOOL) Consultancy based in Lund, Sweden. The project was presented during a conference and publication workshop organized by Norway Inland University of Applied Sciences on October 19, 2022.

The DI4All project is aimed at promoting educational innovation, particularly digital inclusion, to enhance students’ key competencies, skills, and learning outcomes in the classroom. The project seeks to improve educators’ capacity to foster digital inclusion and combat misinformation through training and education. By encouraging the integration of digital tools and platforms into teaching and learning processes, the project aims to promote the accessibility and quality of education for all learners, regardless of their social or economic background.

Through its various initiatives, the DI4All project seeks to provide opportunities for educators and students to collaborate and co-create digital learning resources, and to develop digital competencies that are essential for lifelong learning in the digital age. The project also aims to build a community of practice among educators and educational institutions, to share best practices and resources related to digital inclusion and innovation in education.

Overall, the DI4All project represents an important effort to promote digital inclusion and innovation in education, and to improve the quality and accessibility of education for all learners. information