EntreComp for Digital Study Visit: Recognising inspiring practices from DI4ALL

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The scientific think-tank Lithuanian College of Democracy in collaboration with Ossiannilsson Quality in Open Online Learning (QOOL) Consultancy (Lund, Sweden) will present ongoing project ,,Digital Inclusion for all Learners (DI4All)” in the “EntreComp for Digital” Virtual Study Visit on 20 September.

DI4All seeks to improve the key competencies, skills, and learning performance of young people in schools, by promoting quality improvements, and innovation excellence at the educational level, involving digital inclusiveness. Moreover,  DI4All  focus on the improvement of the competencies of teachers and educators to promote digital inclusion and tackle disinformation through education and training. The project is funded by Eramus+ Program of the European Union.
EntreComp Synergies (‘Achieving Synergies and Champions in the Implementation of the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework‘), an initiative of the European Union.

The EntreComp for Digital Study Visit will connect participants with practitioners in the field of digital and entrepreneurial competence development from across Europe. Through interactive sessions with practices, participates will gain new inspiration for their own work and a better insight into the opportunities offered by the DigComp and EntreComp frameworks. In addition to the interactive presentations of the featured practices, audience will get to virtually visit the practices on site through video links and deep-dive break-out sessions, putting the audience in direct contact with the featured practices.

The EntreComp for Digital Study Visit will:
Showcase examples of practices, detailing what was done and what was achieved, which function as inspiration for implementation and transfer to similar and different contexts.
Highlight the potential for learning practices and projects to develop and/or recognise both entrepreneurial and digital competences.
Increase awareness and knowledge on implementations and the applicability of competence frameworks.
Initiate synergies among practitioners from various backgrounds.

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