Suicide prevention remote training course is taking off

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Suicide prevention remote training course analyses suicide prevention opportunities, presents ways of communication with people who are at risk of suicide and reviews good neighbour countries experiences.

Course which is titled „The basics of understanding and preventing suicidal behaviors: introduction“ will be accessible before the end of 2017 year.

The course is accessible in It was prepared by collaborating association – Lithuanian College of  Democracy with the biggest educator training institution in the nation – Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Adult education centre „Imanta“ (Latvia) and suicidology experts: Estonia – Sweden Mental Health and Suicidology Institute (Estonia) and National suicide research and prevention centre of Karolinska institute (Sweden).

The course is free of charge, information is available in both lithuanian and english languages.

The remote training course  also has an access to the video link of international conference „Suicide prevention by education“ which occured on September 15th, 2017.

The event was organized for Lithuanian College of Democracy, together with its partners, carrying out “NordPLUS” project “Reducing risk of Suicide by Education”. The goal of this initiative is to invite research conducting institutions and non-governmental organisations for cooperation and to create high quality suicide prevention material and programme for independent adult learning. information