Project “Promotion of Sustainable Development by Strengthening the Social Clustering in Public Sector” publicity event – the results achieved

In February 22th, 2017 event will take place in publishing project “Promotion of Sustainable Development by Strengthening the Social Clustering in Public Sector” rezults. The implementation of the project in our country contributed by Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, scientists, in collaboration with partners from Norway Flexible Education, Norway, Vilnius College of Design, PI Amber Academy, Lithuanian College of Democracy and Utena, Druskininkai, and Birzu municipalities and their subsidiaries institutions. The project involves 13 partners.

The publicity event will present the results achieved and the implementation of objectives. “We are very happy that we can present to the public the results achieved in our project, which will have lasting value and future – welcomed the draft executive Professor  Giedre Kvieskiene.

The event was attended by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Regional Department chief adviser Andrius Valickas, introducing the theme “Empowering regional management”, as well as Loreta Chodzkiene, International Relations Department, Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences of the project will emphasize the issues of internationalization in space.

„We are happy that this project makes it possible for all of our events and publicity and training, and participate in our project partners and Norway“ – taught thought the project manager Angele Kausyliene.

The publicity event, partners from the Kingdom of Norway will share the best practices of Norway applying and developing flexible education and training in a virtual environment, the benefits of learning for participants.

Network service providers PI “Anticorruption Education Center“ and JSC „Integris“ will present the products developed – a virtual learning environment and social cluster network as a precondition for the project participants and not just to participate in distance learning, to acquire knowledge and develop competencies, but also be an advanced development of the social cluster network participants.

Invaluable results of the project will contribute to the objective of the project implementation – to contribute to the regional policy objectives of the Kingdom of Norway conveying knowledge and best practices in the Republic of Lithuania and local authorities in promoting sustainable development and strengthening of public sector capacity, cooperation and social clustering between local and regional partners.

Project developers: Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences

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